Latest update for HH volunteers (11th April)



How to volunteer

We are still registering volunteers! If you'd like to offer your help please complete and submit this online application form.

We know that many of you are still waiting to be given a task, but, as they say, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

We're not at full capacity at the moment and things are running smoothly, so we are confident we can scale up as demand increases.

Our volunteer details will also be shared with the East Riding Community Response Hub which is co-ordinating the local response to the current emergency. They are going to be asking for help in:

  • Preparing food and care packages
  • Delivering care packages
  • Helping collecting and delivering medicine

When asked we will provide the Hub with a list of helpers whose skills and interests match their requirements and they will get in touch directly with you.

We've been asked to carry on with our operation and work with the hub to make sure that everyone in our catchment has a shopping and prescription service they can call on.

Thanks to everyone for their support and positivity

Important update for volunteers

We have had a call from the local authority hub who are co-ordinating groups like us across the East Riding to help with the bigger picture.

They are very happy with what we are doing and would like us to carry on as we are BUT the upshot of the conversation is that there is likely to be an increase in demand for help in the next few weeks - and we have been asked if we can mobilise some of our volunteers to help out.

Obviously we agreed, and we'd like to get your buy-in to us sharing our volunteer database with them when the time comes.

Rather than ask every registered volunteersindividually, can we ask that, if anyone feels unable/unwilling to get a call from the Hub to please let us know by TEXTING YOUR NAME AND THE WORDS 'OPT OUT' to 07801 445618 and we'll make sure we don't pass on your details,

We will treat any messages in the strictest confidence.

We will filter the names we send by the preferences that you gave us when filling out the volunteer forms (just to make sure you don't get asked to drive a ten ton truck if you volunteered to walk someone's dog!)

This is the only data (alongside name, address and phone number ) that we will be sharing.

We will try and keep any of our volunteers who are active at the moment in place, so we can continue doing what we are doing.