Changes to Shopping Service (as at 12th June 2020)

The recent easing of lockdown rules allows those who aren't officially shielding more freedom to go out and shop. This, as well as the fact that many of our volunteers are having to return to work, has meant that we can now start to wind down the shopping service offered by Howden Helpers.

If you have a letter from the government requiring you to shield and have no family or friends who can shop for you, either locally or on line, we are still here to help at present.

If you have been self-isolating due to age or other concerns, we now ask that you start to look at the alternatives available to you to get your shopping. We have listed some of the alternatives here;

  • Co-op 7am – 8am restricted access for vulnerable people (Large Coop at Charles Brigg Avenue, Howden)
  • Morrisons are now offering a dedicated telesales shopping service aimed specifically at helping to ensure vulnerable and elderly people can get the groceries they need. Call 0345 611 6111 and select option five. This is a telephone order service and does not require online access. You pay for the delivery on your doorstep via a mobile chip and pin device. The service operates between 8am and 4pm, 7 days a week.
  • Online shopping delivery slots are now more widely available so many of our users who have online access, or friends/family who can do it for them, will be now be able to utilise this service.


Revised shopping and ordering times

With the reduced number of volunteers and the decrease in overall requirement for the shopping service, we are now moving to shopping one day a week for those shielding or unable to find alternative methods of shopping at present. This will take effect from Tuesday 23rd June and will be monitored constantly with the intention of phasing out this form of early morning shopping service and moving to some other form if the need is still there.

Please now call us on 07394 915130 for your shop as the other numbers are no longer taking shopping orders. Orders should be placed on a Friday or Monday between 9am and 2pm for Tuesday delivery. This phone will no longer be staffed for shopping orders at any other time.

We hope you feel we have managed to help you through this very difficult time and understand the reasons behind the reduction of this service. We hope you agree that there is now more scope for you and your family to get your shopping from more traditional avenues. Please rest assured we are here to help you through this transition and ensure no one is left without help going forward. Please ask your call handler for further information/options which might suit you.

Important information about paying for your shopping

Anyone offering to help from Howden Helpers WILL NOT ASK FOR MONEY OR CARD PAYMENTS BEFORE YOUR SHOPPING IS DELIVERED. We are trying our upmost to ensure we protect people and not put them under any additional stress.

Please do not hand over money to anyone claiming to be with us or anyone you don't know offering to go shopping but asking for money first.