Updates from Howden Helpers HQ!

UPDATE 9, 17th May 


To date the shopping & prescription teams have fulfilled over 500 orders! Now feels like the right time to publicly thank Jonathon and his team at Boots and Russell and his team at the Co-Op, they have been 100% supportive from day one, helping us to put in place processes that minimise footfall in both stores and reduce exposure for our volunteers. For those that aren't aware, Russell has allowed our shopping team access to the Co-Op at 6am, three times per week, which reduces the number of people that our volunteers come into contact with and the amount of time needed to fulfil orders. Likewise, Jonathon has made it possible for us to remotely submit a collated prescription request each day, himself and his team then prepare everything for pick up by our volunteers at an agreed time. We are in contact with many other community groups up and down the country and we know that many have not received the level of support that we have. On behalf of all of us THANK YOU to Jonathon & the team at Boots and Russell and the team at the Co-Op, you are all truly brilliant! 

UPDATE 8, 3rd May


The shopping team have had another busy week, with 50 orders fulfilled in total, 22 of these were on Saturday, which is the most on any day so far. The prescription team dealt with 39 requests, which also matches their previous busiest week.

A big thank you this week to Richard Dunlop and Julia Spenceley who, along with some volunteers, mowed some of the communal lawned areas that ERYC are currently unable to deal with. 

Howden Helper Heroes this week are our Social Media/Comms team Gill Dixon Luke Daniel Thornhill and Sophie Ross-Briggs, they do a great job of getting relevant information onto the Howden Helper pages and their efforts this week have really made a difference to our Community Pantry initiative - this will be an ongoing so if you can donate food items or funds, please do via

UPDATE 7, 26th April


This week our shopping team have fulfilled 41 shopping orders and our prescription team have collected and delivered 26 prescriptions. Prescription requests seem to have levelled out at around that number each week and the shopping order volumes continue to be manageable, with the option to scale up if necessary.

We are now looking at other areas where Howden Helpers can assist. There will be regular posts to ask for people to consider whether they could donate items for our 'Community Pantry' - non-perishable, in date items would be greatly appreciated.


This week's Howden Helper Heroes are our delivery teams who are out there 5 days a week assisting our local traders and the community by providing a free delivery service - helping customers to stay at home and traders to continue trading. Val Heslop John Heslop John Prickett Ailleen Prickett Jo Webster Andy Ashton - and everyone else who has stepped in to help out - Thank you all so much.




UPDATE 6 - 20th April

An additional 11 households registered to use Howden Helpers last week, which means we now have 125 in total. Saturday was the busiest shopping day so far with 21 shopping orders fulfilled that day alone.

We have started to receive food donations from supermarkets and this week we will be looking at how we can make the best use of this. It is likely that we will call on the assistance of some additional volunteers to help us. There will be More information about this next week week, but in the meantime - if you are aware of anyone that would benefit from food donations please message us via our Howden Helpers Facebook page or email editor@yourhowden.co.uk
This weeks Howden Helper Heroes are Howden's traders. They have been doing a magnificent job under very challenging circumstances. In the early days of the lockdown they experienced a dramatic drop in footfall, subsequently they have worked tirelessly to provide a telephone and delivery service to existing and new customers, which has seen them working incredibly long hours. Alongside this they have remained open, putting themselves at risk in order to serve their customers. We are lucky to have such fabulous traders and if the comments on the community board are anything to go by they have won the support of many people who didn't previously shop local - let's hope this continues when the lockdown is over.

Howden Helpers will continue to support the traders by offering assistance with deliveries. Flourish and Prosper Parkin Family Butchers Rob Featherstone Butchers Annie's Fruit Bowl Atkinsons bakery, Howden The Spirit of Howden Grahams Bakery Howden R & P Chappelow Fullers Bakery

The Co-Op and Boots have been fantastically supportive of Howden Helpers - more information on this will follow soon. Stay Home & Stay Safe
UPDATE 5, 15th April

Happy Easter Everyone! It's been different, but I hope you have still found ways to celebrate.

We have now delivered over 100 shopping orders, over 100 medications and we have over 100 households registered to use Howden Helpers. Volunteers continue to sign up and the total is now 179. We have so far used 60 Volunteers for assistance with both one off and regular activities.
Howden Helper Heroes of the week are the fabulous Sherburn family - Lesley Sherburn, Colin and George who between them are ordering, picking-up and delivering medications - using 2 very different modes of transport!
Thank you also to everyone that helped us to deliver a little bit of flowery Easter cheer this weekend - Howden Show, California Gardens, Georgette Jarvis, Gina Walker, Bev Till, William Sweeting,  Richard and Julia Dunlop, Tanis Danielson and Josh Fordham.
Thank you all so much!



UPDATE 4, 5th April

As Week 2 comes to a close, we can report a steady but manageable increase in volumes.

Here are the numbers for week 2;
40 More households have registered to use the service (there are now 95 in total)
36 Shopping orders were placed and delivered (last week we dealt with 19)
40 Medicines have been picked up and delivered (last week we delivered 30)

Volunteers continue to register and there are now 174. This week a further 11 volunteers have been called upon, so in total 51 volunteers have helped over the first few weeks.

The *Howden Helper Heroes of the week* are definitely the call handlers. They have manned the phones for 2 weeks and the numbers only tell part of their story, they have all done so much more than just take orders. They have chatted, reassured, followed up. They have had endless patience and demonstrated so much caring for the people that have called. Massive thanks to Matthew Barras, lucy peet, Jane Wake and Debi Rotherforth - you are all outstanding humans!
Thank you all for your support.

We will continue to call on volunteers to help as and when needed. Lets see what Week 3 brings!




UPDATE 3,   29th March

This seems like a good time to provide an update - although it feels like SO much longer than a week, we are now at the end of Week 1 in terms of Howden Helpers being up and running and offering our services to those in the community that need it. So, here are some Week 1 numbers:

55 People have registered to use HH services
19 People's shopping has been delivered by HH
30 People's medicines have been delivered by HH
163 Volunteers have been registered
40 Volunteers have been used to deliver leaflets; answer phones; shop and deliver, pick up & deliver medicines and support local traders with their deliveries - thank you all!

Howden Helper Heroes of the week are definitely the shopping & delivery team, who have been up at stupid o'clock 3 times this week to pick, pack & deliver shopping. They've not only done it, they've done it with style! Thank you so much Anne Shone, Kelvin Shone, Ethan Shone, Ben Mortlock, Angela Bradley & Julie Wakelin-Kirby

This is just week 1! We will be calling on many more of you 'Heroes in waiting' in the coming weeks!




Call for spare compost and plant pots!

WE NEED COMPOST - to enable us to spread a little Easter cheer. We have been donated (thank you Howden Show & California Gardens) some plants that we would like to gift to some of the isolated & vulnerable in and around Howden.

In order to do this we need to be able to pot the plants in small plastic pots. Does anyone know anywhere that is selling compost? Do any of you have bags that are a quarter full that you would be happy to donate to the cause?

We only really have a couple of days to get this organised so if you know where we could buy compost today please shout up! Thanks in Advance!

Go on a Howden Bear Hunt


Who wants to go on a bear hunt?

Everyone pop a bear in your window! A simple idea to encourage families to get out the house and go for a walk. When you and your family go out for a walk see how many you can spot.

Write a letter of support!

What are you doing with all your free time? Could you make someone’s day by writing them a letter... If so, drop it off at 4 Corn Market Hill, opposite the main entrance for the Minster.

We are seeing up more than 30 people a day who are isolated within their own homes and a letter could really cheer them up. It could be a bit about your week, a funny story about your isolation, a poem or even a doodle.



Update from Chief Constable of Humberside Police