Sculptures Project

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Churchside, Howden, was an area of mud, cinders and broken railings. Now, it has been transformed by the installation of seven sculptures by John Maine R.A, a sculptor with an international reputation.

The whole scheme is based on the four elements: Earth - the churchyard; Water - as you walk into the west door; Air - as you walk through to the town centre; and Fire - as a pillar at the east end of the Minster.

The funding for the scheme, which was conceived and carried through by Howden Town Forum with partners, has come from the National Arts Lottery Fund, Enventure Northern, Howden Town Council, Howden Rotary Club, Howden Civic Society and others. Yorkshire Arts, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Halls Engineering Firm and Howden Town Forum’s savings and determination have all helped to make this scheme possible.

Sculpture Sequence